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Year 7 - Mr Humes

Welcome to Year 7 - Mr Humes



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   Home Learning Update

I hope everyone is getting to grips with schooling at home and, realistically, it looks like this is going to continue for some time. It is good to see a growing number of pupils accessing the Microsoft Teams. After this week, the Teams will be our learning platform so we need all pupils to log into this format.If you haven't done so already,please go to the Parents section of this website for details on how you can access the Primary 7 Teams.

Week 2 Pobble: Save Our Habitat

MA Answers Tests 1&2 Week 1

                                                           Accelerated Reader Awards

On Friday 6th March, Key Stage 2 pupils were presented with their certificates for achieving Accelerated Reader points targets for Quizzing period 3. In 7H, 75% of the class achieved their targets which still leaves us for some room for improvement. Well done to Rebekah who won the class award prize and to all who received certificates and homework vouchers. To those who didn't quite make the target this time, keep trying hard with your reading.

A.R. Points Target Awards

A.R. Points Target Awards 1

                                                    Class Novel

Pupils in 7H are currently reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. Today they did some excellent work in groups, comparing the opening of the book to the opening scenes of the movie.

Opening scene comparison

Opening scene comparison 1
Opening scene comparison 2
Opening scene comparison 3
Opening scene comparison 4
Opening scene comparison 5

World Book Day

On Thursday 5th March Abercorn pupils celebrated World Book by dressing up in pyjamas or onesies. Here are some 7H photos of them rehearsing scenes for their Green Screen activity.


World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2
World Book Day 3
World Book Day 4
World Book Day 5
World Book Day 6

                                                     Literacy: The Highwayman Poem

In the last two weeks, P7H pupils have been doing some excellent work based on The Highwayman Poem. They have enjoyed studying this particular poem and have been busy sequencing, predicting and discussing various aspects of the piece and characters with Miss Grant who is currently on a placement from Stranmillis College. The class have also created a sound story and artwork using different materials. They are currently working in groups to plan a storyboard for a forthcoming Green Screen newsdesk activity. Keep up the good work 7H!!!


Storyboarding 1
Storyboarding 2
Storyboarding 3
Storyboarding 4
Storyboarding 5

Ball games with Train it Teach it today.

Ball games with Train it Teach it today. 1
Ball games with Train it Teach it today. 2
Ball games with Train it Teach it today. 3
Ball games with Train it Teach it today. 4

Introduction to PATHS in our PDMU class today

Introduction to PATHS in our PDMU class today 1
Introduction to PATHS in our PDMU class today 2
Introduction to PATHS in our PDMU class today 3
Introduction to PATHS in our PDMU class today 4
Introduction to PATHS in our PDMU class today 5
Introduction to PATHS in our PDMU class today 6
Introduction to PATHS in our PDMU class today 7

P7H are learning about angles during numeracy.

P7H are learning about angles during numeracy. 1
P7H are learning about angles during numeracy. 2
P7H are learning about angles during numeracy. 3
P7H are learning about angles during numeracy. 4
P7H are learning about angles during numeracy. 5
P7H are learning about angles during numeracy. 6
P7H are learning about angles during numeracy. 7

Ball games with Mr Sellwood

Ball games with Mr Sellwood 1
Ball games with Mr Sellwood 2
Ball games with Mr Sellwood 3
Ball games with Mr Sellwood 4
Ball games with Mr Sellwood 5
Ball games with Mr Sellwood 6
Ball games with Mr Sellwood 7

                                                Accelerated Reader

Pupils from 7H and the other Key Stage 2 classes were recently presented with certificates and Homework Passes for achieving their points target for the last quizzing period. There were a lot of noticeable improvements within this class from the first quizzing period and indeed we had more pupils achieving their targets than any other class. Well done P7H and to Robert who was our class winner. Keep reading and keep enjoying it.

Picture 1

                                                              P.E. - Ball Skills

P7H pupils started a 5 week Ball Skills programme with Mr Selwood as part of their P.E. lessons. We started off with a very interesting and enjoyable version of Dodgeball and look forward to what is planned for the coming weeks.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

                                                   World of Sport: Dance

Year 7 pupils recently started a block of P.E.  Dance lessons entitled The World of Sport which focuses on the game of rugby and introduces them to the New Zealand HAKA. The HAKA is initially used and then developed along with a series of movements which will create a more complex sequence.

Pupils were taught the basic sequences of the HAKA individually and then worked together in groups of 8 to perform in unison. They have also planned their own sequence of 8 movements to add onto the initial HAKA. Watch some clips of how they have progressed  so far after only two lessons.  Great work Class!!!

Dance: World of Sport

Still image for this video

Dance: World of Sport

Still image for this video

Dance: World Of sport

Still image for this video

  Bridge Building

Year 7 H pupils have been busy designing and building their own bridges recently.  They have used a variety of scrap materials and tools and have created a wide range of designs. They worked very well together and with great enthusiasm. Well done everyone!

Bridge Building

Bridge Building 1
Bridge Building 2
Bridge Building 3
Bridge Building 4
Bridge Building 5
Bridge Building 6
Bridge Building 7
Bridge Building 8
Bridge Building 9
Bridge Building 10
Bridge Building 11
Bridge Building 12
Bridge Building 13
Bridge Building 14
Bridge Building 15
Bridge Building 16
Bridge Building 17
Bridge Building 18
Bridge Building 19
Bridge Building 20
Bridge Building 21

                                                                       Gymnastics: Bridges

To link in with our World Around Us topic, the pupils have completed a six week block of Gymnastics entitled Bridges.

They worked on creating different bridge shapes using mats and various pieces of apparatus and have shown different ways of moving from one shape to another. In the last two sessions the children have worked really well together in pairs to create a sequence that mirrors their partner.

PE: Bridges

PE: Bridges 1
PE: Bridges 2
PE: Bridges 3
PE: Bridges 4
PE: Bridges 5
PE: Bridges 6
PE: Bridges 7
PE: Bridges 8
PE: Bridges 9
PE: Bridges 10
PE: Bridges 11
PE: Bridges 12
PE: Bridges 13
PE: Bridges 14
PE: Bridges 15
PE: Bridges 16

                                                           Spaghetti Challenge

As part of their BRIDGES topic, Yr.7H pupils have been looking at different structures and aspects that make some structures stronger than others. They were given a task to create a strong free standing structure that could hold an apple. The only materials available were eight jelly babies and approx. 20 pieces of dried spaghetti. Whilst none of the finished designs were quite strong enough to hold the apple, they did succeed in making an interesting mix of free standing structures. The bonus for this activity was eating the jelly babies at the end!!!!

Spaghetti Challenge

Spaghetti Challenge 1
Spaghetti Challenge 2
Spaghetti Challenge 3
Spaghetti Challenge 4
Spaghetti Challenge 5
Spaghetti Challenge 6
Spaghetti Challenge 7
Spaghetti Challenge 8

                                                               Biography Posters

For a final task in their Biography and Autobiography Literacy topic, 7H pupils were grouped and asked to research the life of a famous person. They had to think carefully about how the information should be presented and how their poster would have an overall attractive format. The pupils worked well together and produced a variety of interesting posters. They then looked at each others' finished work and did some peer assessment, highlighting good points and an area that could be enhanced.

Biography Posters

Biography Posters 1
Biography Posters 2
Biography Posters 3
Biography Posters 4
Biography Posters 5
Biography Posters 6
Biography Posters 7
Biography Posters 8
Biography Posters 9

Finished Biography Posters

                                        WAU topic BRIDGES

 Year 7H pupils have been studying bridges as part of their World Around Us topic. A  recent task involved working in groups and trying to decide the best location for a new bridge. They had to identify the advantages and disadvantages of each proposed site and consider things like environmental factors, convenience, cost and the overall impact for the residents of Cantilever City. They quickly established that no option was without some drawbacks and that a degree of compromise was required before making a final decision. All of the groups were able to agree on a preferred site  and were able to justify their decisions.

Bridge Site Decisions

Bridge Site Decisions 1
Bridge Site Decisions 2
Bridge Site Decisions 3
Bridge Site Decisions 4
Bridge Site Decisions 5
Bridge Site Decisions 6
Bridge Site Decisions 7
Bridge Site Decisions 8

                                          Kilogram Paper Bridge Challenge

 Continuing with our WAU topic, pupils were presented with a challenge to make a paper bridge that could hold a 1kg or more weight. They had to span a distance of 15cm and were only allowed two supports and 3 pieces of A4 paper. The pupils folded and twisted the paper in different ways to make a stronger structure. Some bridges were even able to hold more than 2kg. Some of the designs are pictured below. Well done everyone!

Paper Bridge Challenge

Paper Bridge Challenge 1
Paper Bridge Challenge 2
Paper Bridge Challenge 3
Paper Bridge Challenge 4
Paper Bridge Challenge 5
Paper Bridge Challenge 6
Paper Bridge Challenge 7

                                                                             Freeze Frame

Year 7H have been doing some Drama activities through their Talking and Listening work. They worked in small groups and had to choose a scenario for a freeze frame image. Three key words were  given to think about during the task: Communication, Co-operation and Concentration. The pupils enjoyed creating their freeze frames and watching other groups perform their scenarios.

Freeze Frames

Freeze Frames 1 IMG_2842.JPG
Freeze Frames 2 IMG_2843.JPG
Freeze Frames 3 IMG_2844.JPG
Freeze Frames 4 IMG_2845.JPG
Freeze Frames 5 IMG_2846.JPG
Freeze Frames 6 IMG_2847.JPG
Freeze Frames 7 IMG_2849.JPG
Freeze Frames 8 IMG_2850.JPG
Freeze Frames 9 IMG_2853.JPG
Freeze Frames 10 IMG_2854.JPG
Freeze Frames 11 IMG_2857.JPG
Freeze Frames 12 IMG_2859.JPG

                                                                        Games' Skills Coaching

  Year 7H had their first session with IFA coach Andy who will be coaching Abercorn pupils for a block of lessons this term. These activities will be based on promoting skills that can be transferred across a range of games and sports.

Games' Skills

Games' Skills 1
Games' Skills 2
Games' Skills 3
Games' Skills 4
Games' Skills 5
Games' Skills 6
Games' Skills 7
Games' Skills 8
Games' Skills 9


Year 7 pupils recently took part in a workshop session with a charity group called Hope4Life.The session dealt with issues that the pupils may encounter now or in their teenage years. It was designed to  increase the awareness of issues that affect their mental and physical well being and to give them some skills and strategies to deal with potentially difficult situations. The programme is taught through the Uberheroes comic format and has proved very successful in an ever increasing number of schools.


UberHeroes 1
UberHeroes 2
UberHeroes 3