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Year 6 - Mrs Hanna/Mrs Law

Welcome to P6. We are planning to have a year filled with fun, learning and new adventures. We are both looking forward to this journey ahead and we hope that you are too! 

Mrs Hanna & Mrs Law


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The class of 2021/22

Super proud of our P6HL class winner, Sammy👏

We made Father’s Day cards

🇬🇧Jubilee Fun Day🇬🇧

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Sports Day- we had an amazing day taking part in all the activities organised by Evo-soccer.

Charlie from Banbridge Rugby 🏉 Club visited our school today. We got to play some fun games.

P6 learning new cycling skills lead by Dave (Sustran)

Library visit (29/4/22)

Easter craft 🐣

Well done to those pupils in our class who received their swimming badges and certificates.

We really enjoyed our end of swimming treat to The Rosehip, as you can see!

We enjoyed investigating nets of cubes today as part of our Numeracy lesson

Colour Run fun!

We had a fun with fitness at Evo soccer. 😊

Our trip to the Canteen for sweet treats was 🤩

Environmental show by Lyric theatre company.

Congratulations to our pupils who achieved their AR target for quizzing period 6.1.22-4.3.22.

World Book Day

Our PATHS lesson was on Roald Dahl and the adversity he faced through his life. We made motivational quotes to inspire ourselves.

Pancake cookery lesson by Mrs Hanna 🥞 Yum!

Look at our African Art👀

For the second year in a row, Tobi has become a word millionaire. 👏 Who will be next?

Love was in the air at the Valentine’s Disco

African Appeal

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who kindly donated to our appeal instead of Christmas presents.  Together we raised an amazing £250 which will go directly to our sponsor and put a smile on her face at Christmas.  We really appreciate all your efforts.

🍟 Thank you Mrs Hanna and Mrs Law for treating us to sausages and chips. They were so tasty! 🍟

⭐️Star of the week (17/12/21)⭐️

We designed our own Christmas cards on Microsoft publisher and exchanged them with our friends.

Congratulations to those who received Mathletics certificates

Christmas Alliteration

🎄 Christmas jumper/dinner day 🎄

🧝‍♂️PTA Elf Trail (10/12/21)🧝‍♀️

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⭐️Star of the week (10/12/21)⭐️

Our young entrepreneurs Naomi and Carl raised an amazing £43 towards our Christmas charity, selling mince pies and shortbread .👏

🎅 daily mile (3/12/21) 🎅

⭐️ Star of the week (3/12/21)⭐️

We found angles in our forenames.

Can you recognise the angles we have been learning about?

⭐️Stars of the week (26/11/21)⭐️

This months WOW work goes to for their Winter simile poems

❄️ Winter Art❄️ We watched a step by step video on ‘How to draw a robin?’

😝 🧦 Crazy hair and Odd sock day 🧦😝

⭐️Star of the week (19/11/22)⭐️

PE with Mr Sellwood

⭐️Star of the week (12/11/21)⭐️

On 11th November, P6 held a Remembrance assembly.

⭐️Star of the week (5/11/21)⭐️

Wee 🍫 Friday treat from Mrs Law. Yum!

📚 Well done to these pupils who reached 100% of their AR target 📚

“Remember, remember the fifth of November”. - the story of Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder plot.

🤠 Barn Dance (22/10/21) 🤠

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P6/P7 Harvest service

Tobi was chosen as the School Council Halloween colouring competition winner

Party reveal!! The children successfully persuaded Mrs Saulters to allow them to open the box.

⭐️Star of the week (15/10/21)⭐️

🌟Star of the week (8/10/21) 🌟

In Art, we focused on Space artist, Peter Thorpe, who is well known for painting rockets.

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We created our very own constellations using spaghetti and marshmallows. A constellation is a group of stars that appear to form a picture.

Hollie and Lara have been selected to represent our class on School council.

🌟Star of the week (1/10/21)🌟

As part of our Space topic, we went on a class trip to Armagh Planetarium.

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During Space week, we watched a BBC live lesson with guest speaker Brian Cox which was very interesting.

⭐️Star of the week (23/9/21)⭐️

Go Gold day (22/9/21)

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Sienna was the first member of our class to receive her pen licence.

Followed by….