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Learning and Working Together “The quality of education provided by this school is outstanding” January 2014 ETI


Year 6 - Mrs Hanna/Mrs Law

Welcome to P6. We are planning to have a year filled with fun, learning and new adventures. We are both looking forward to this journey ahead and we hope that you are too! 

Mrs Hanna & Mrs Law


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The class of 2021/22

African Appeal

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who kindly donated to our appeal instead of Christmas presents.  Together we raised an amazing £250 which will go directly to our sponsor and put a smile on her face at Christmas.  We really appreciate all your efforts.

🍟 Thank you Mrs Hanna and Mrs Law for treating us to sausages and chips. They were so tasty! 🍟

⭐️Star of the week (17/12/21)⭐️

We designed our own Christmas cards on Microsoft publisher and exchanged them with our friends.

Congratulations to those who received Mathletics certificates

Christmas Alliteration

🎄 Christmas jumper/dinner day 🎄

🧝‍♂️PTA Elf Trail (10/12/21)🧝‍♀️

Still image for this video

⭐️Star of the week (10/12/21)⭐️

Our young entrepreneurs Naomi and Carl raised an amazing £43 towards our Christmas charity, selling mince pies and shortbread .👏

🎅 daily mile (3/12/21) 🎅

⭐️ Star of the week (3/12/21)⭐️

We found angles in our forenames.

Can you recognise the angles we have been learning about?

⭐️Stars of the week (26/11/21)⭐️

This months WOW work goes to for their Winter simile poems

❄️ Winter Art❄️ We watched a step by step video on ‘How to draw a robin?’

😝 🧦 Crazy hair and Odd sock day 🧦😝

⭐️Star of the week (19/11/22)⭐️

PE with Mr Sellwood

⭐️Star of the week (12/11/21)⭐️

On 11th November, P6 held a Remembrance assembly.

⭐️Star of the week (5/11/21)⭐️

Wee 🍫 Friday treat from Mrs Law. Yum!

📚 Well done to these pupils who reached 100% of their AR target 📚

“Remember, remember the fifth of November”. - the story of Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder plot.

🤠 Barn Dance (22/10/21) 🤠

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P6/P7 Harvest service

Tobi was chosen as the School Council Halloween colouring competition winner

Party reveal!! The children successfully persuaded Mrs Saulters to allow them to open the box.

⭐️Star of the week (15/10/21)⭐️

🌟Star of the week (8/10/21) 🌟

In Art, we focused on Space artist, Peter Thorpe, who is well known for painting rockets.

Still image for this video

We created our very own constellations using spaghetti and marshmallows. A constellation is a group of stars that appear to form a picture.

Hollie and Lara have been selected to represent our class on School council.

🌟Star of the week (1/10/21)🌟

As part of our Space topic, we went on a class trip to Armagh Planetarium.

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During Space week, we watched a BBC live lesson with guest speaker Brian Cox which was very interesting.

⭐️Star of the week (23/9/21)⭐️

Go Gold day (22/9/21)

Still image for this video

Sienna was the first member of our class to receive her pen licence.

Followed by….

⭐️Pupil of the week (10/9/21)⭐️

Well done to Harvey, Tobi, Axel, Sammy, Sarah and Sienna for being the first group to have work displayed on our Hulk board.👏

The class had a PATHS lesson from Gail from Barbados.

The children followed a step by step guide on ‘How to draw an astronaut’

We discussed 4 ways of opening a story (dialogue, action, setting, character):

P6 have been learning about Quadilaterals. Can you spot the four sided shapes the pupils found outside?

⭐️Star of the week (3/9/21)⭐️

Pop Art pictures of ourselves