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Year 6 - Miss Moorhead

Welcome to Year 6M (2021/22)

We had such a fun day learning about the Vikings. We got to take part in lots of activities including weaving, longhouse building, sword skills training and spear making. 

Swimming badges and certificates presented by Mrs Saulters.

Library visit

Celebrating the 10th birthday of the daily mile.

Treat time!

After our final swimming session, we called in to the Rosehip for some well earned treats. As you can see from the photos, we had a great morning! 

We are the Champions!

Matthew, Henry and Jacob were part of our school ‘A’ team who won the Evo Soccer Champions cup. We are very proud of these boys! Well done! 

Happy Mothers Day from P6M

We had great fun this morning at our colour run! It was a great way to end our Wellbeing week. 

Fitness session with Evo soccer coaches

Healthy treats

Leanna and Jaden are our class representatives on the school council. They served us some delicious healthy treats today. 

Wellbeing week - circuits in the sunshine

AR certificates

Well done to everyone who achieved their AR target for the third quizzing period this year. Great work! Enjoy your night off homework 😊

World Book Day 2022

This week we were set a World Book Day homework challenge. We were given 21 reading tasks to see how many we could complete. One of the tasks was to read in an unusual place. Have a look at our photos to see how many unusual places we found!! 
On World Book Day, we focused on the author Roald Dahl and his book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Our task was to apply for a job in Wonka’s factory. We had to invent a new sweet or chocolate bar. We prepared a presentation of our inventions and we also designed the wrapper for our new creations. As a treat, we got to enjoy some hot chocolate while we watched a few clips from Charlie and the Chocolate factory movie. What a fun Thursday! 

On Tuesday we enjoyed making pancakes in class. We helped to mix the batter, and we watched for the pancakes bubbling so that we knew they were ready for flipping! We added some yummy toppings. The pancakes were delicious. In Literacy this week we learned how to write a set of instructions and our task on Tuesday was to write instructions for making the perfect pancake! 

Happy Valentines Day from P6M!

Accelerated Reader certificates and homework passes awarded

Elfis created mischief in P6M today!

It’s Christmas!

Jacob won the PTA Gingerbread man competition!

Thank you PTA! 
We had so much fun completing the PTA Elf trail today. We worked our way through the clues and found all of the elves in the shop windows. We enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies when we got back to school. We also had a special message from Santa… P6M are glad to report that we are all on Santa’s nice list!! 

One kind word; anti-bullying week activities

Remembrance Day Poppy Art

The Gunpowder Plot - Play script writing

In Literacy we have been looking at the key features of play scripts. We completed storyboards about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. We then chose one part of our storyboards and turned it into a play script. We acted out our play scripts with our friends.  We think that there may be some budding actors and actresses in P6M! 

Design an alien craft activity.

Accelerated Reader certificates

Some pupils from our class achieved their first Accelerated Reader target in P6. They each received a certificate and a homework pass. Look at those happy faces! Super reading everyone! Well done.

It’s Harvest Time!

Today in school we celebrated Harvest. P6 & P7 worked together to present a special Harvest poem and we all sang It’s Harvest Time. Archdeacon West visited and spoke to us about God’s faithfulness. We were very happy to be able to be together again for assembly. 

What’s inside the golden box??

In Literacy we have been learning about persuasive writing techniques. This week a mystery box appeared in our classroom. We had to write a letter to persuade Miss Moorhead to open the box and share the treat with us. Our letters impressed Miss Moorhead and on Friday we got a letter from her to say that we had persuaded her to open the box! We found some delicious treats inside. We enjoyed some Cadbury’s hot chocolate with marshmallows and cookies! 

P6M boys represent Abercorn

Teach It Train It - PE with Mr Sellwood

We celebrated Space Week with lots of fun activities. The theme was Women in Space. We learnt about women who were astronauts. We also learnt about stars and constellations. We made edible constellations using spaghetti and marshmallows. The marshmallows had all disappeared by the end of the lesson!! Can you guess what happened to them? 

Class trip to Armagh Planetarium

This term our WAU topic is Space. We had a great day at Armagh Planetarium. We even impressed the staff with our knowledge of planets! We learnt a lot and enjoyed the practical activities. Have a look at the photos to see what we got up to.

Space exhibits at Armagh Planetarium

Macaroni speech marks

In Literacy we have been learning to use speech marks correctly. Using macaroni for speech marks was a fun way to consolidate our learning. 

Go Gold Day

We enjoyed our non uniform day. We all wore something yellow or gold and donated money to the Children’s Cancer Fund. 

Writing story openings

We looked at the different ways of opening an story. We then worked in pairs to write our own story openings. We had some great ideas! 

Quadrilateral Hunt

After learning about quadrilaterals and their properties, we went outside on a quadrilateral hunt. We found lots of quadrilaterals and identified parallel and perpendicular lines. This was a fun Friday Maths lesson. 

First days in P6