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Year 4 - Mrs Wakeling

 Good afternoon boys and girls and welcome back after a weekend off. Hope it was a good one!

This week try to continue through the next set of spellings and mental maths questions. If you have a numeracy test booklet in your pack complete it also. Perhaps mum or dad could help you if you are struggling with a particular question. Revise your x2,x3,x4,x5 and x10 tables  - 'hit the button' is a game you are all familiar with, so test your speed each day and try to improve.

Tune into 'David Walliams elevenses' at 11am each morning for a story, I think you'll enjoy this. Don't forget to keep fit with Joe Wicks daily. Let me know how you are getting on.  

Try to finish off your Easter booklet also and why don't you design a lovely Easter egg or draw an Easter picture.

Keep safe everyone.

Mrs Wakeling



Hi boys and girls,

I just wanted to type a quick message to you all to let you know that I am thinking of you and hope everyone is doing well. It will take us some time to get used to this home learning, I'm finding it difficult too.

I did my morning workout with Joe Wicks at 9am on You Tube  - you should give it a go sometime it's great fun!!!!

Try your best to work through the worksheets and keep practising your spellings, maybe mum could give you a Friday Test!!! Board games and jigsaws will keep you busy, I'm having a game of Scrabble with my boys later.

Take care and be good for your parents.

Mrs Wakeling


Home Learning Information

World Book Day 2020: On Thursday 5th March we came to school in our pyjamas and onesies and brought our favourite bedtime stories which we recommend to our classmates.

🇨🇳 We celebrated the end of our WAU topic ‘Chinese New Year’ by dressing up in traditional Chinese costumes and sampling some foods🇨🇳

This term we have been very busy. Our World Around Us topic was Autumn. In art we looked closely at real sunflowers and did our own drawings. We talked about Van Gogh’s painting ‘Sunflowers’ and did our own paintings. 

We wrote acrostic poems about autumn and recorded ourselves reciting the poem ‘The Squirrel’.


Still image for this video
🍂We went for a walk in Solitude Park to learn more about autumn trees and leaves. We took bark rubbings and collected interesting fruits and nuts 🍂

We enjoyed the end of term disco

We enjoyed the end of term disco  1
We enjoyed the end of term disco  2
We enjoyed the end of term disco  3
We enjoyed the end of term disco  4
We enjoyed the end of term disco  5
We enjoyed the end of term disco  6
We enjoyed the end of term disco  7
We enjoyed the end of term disco  8
We enjoyed the end of term disco  9
We enjoyed the end of term disco  10