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Learning and Working Together “The quality of education provided by this school is outstanding” January 2014 ETI


Year 4 - Mrs Nixon/Mrs Davidson

                         Welcome to Year 4ND!  


Our WAU topic in Term 1A is Autumn. We will be learning about what happens during this season eg. leaves are changing colour and farmers are busy harvesting crops. We will look at the two types of trees - deciduous and evergreen. We will try to identify trees from the shapes of their leaves and their fruit. 

Look at our beautiful sunflowers. We have been trying to copy Van Gogh’s famous paintings of sunflowers 🌻

Here are some of our finished paintings. We are very proud of them.

We had great fun making our own scarecrow pictures.

In our forest area we have been collecting cones, leaves and sticks and using them to make pictures. We have also been identifying trees in our school grounds.

Welcome to Abercorn
This is an ash tree in our playground.  Can you see the ash keys?
The boys have been making a face
The girls have made ‘Sunny’
Say hello to ‘Lila’
Great team work girls! 👍
What lives in this hole in the tree? 🤔
A fairy lives here 🧚‍♀️
We enjoyed learning about the different parts of trees and the jobs that they do.
We enjoyed our daily mile!

In P4 we are developing a positive growth mind set



We had to design a costume for a scarecrow. We had a set amount of money to spend and also had to work out change. We had lots of different clothes to choose from.  smiley

😀Bored and need something new and fun to do? 😀
Look online at Art Hub for Kids (You Tube)

You will be shown step by step how to draw lots of fun things.
Get your pencils, felt tips and some drawing paper handy.  

Have fun! 

Something to keep you busy

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