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Learning and Working Together “The quality of education provided by this school is outstanding” January 2014 ETI


Year 4 - Mrs Nixon/Mrs Davidson

                         Welcome to Year 4ND!  

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We enjoyed keeping fit and eating healthy snacks.

  Christmas in P4 

Check out the ‘Gallery’ section of our school website. It will take you to our school video centre where you can watch the P4 year group perform ‘Away in a Manger’.

Shared Education

We have been sending letters and receiving replies from our buddies in St Mary’s Primary. Just before Christmas, we were able to meet up outside and went to sing some Christmas songs to the residents of Crozier House. They were delighted to see us and loved our singing 🎶

Sharing pancakes with our buddies from St Mary's on Pancake Tuesday. Thank you St Mary's for looking after us SO well. Click to watch.

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OH Elfis! What have you done!🎅

When Elfis got busy with his sticky tape, he thought he had made it impossible for P4 to get to class! Fortunately the P4 children are VERY clever so they followed the diversion and were able to get to class, just on time, by using another route! OH ELFIS! 

OH Elfis!

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Elf Hunt in Banbridge

We went hunting for elves in the shop windows in Banbridge. With clues to help us, we found them all. Click to see our adventure. 

Elf hunt

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Our first day in P4

Our first day in P4 was great! Everyone is very happy to be back at school and we love our new classroom. Don’t we all look smart in our new uniforms? 

Great news!

Our Class Reward Cube Jar is FULL!  We earned the cubes by working hard, being kind to others and keeping the class rules. As our treat, we have chosen to have a long playtime in our school forest area.  Click to hear how excited we are! 

Celebrate! Our class reward jar is full of cubes! Well done everyone!

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                        🍂 We love being outside 🍂

In our school grounds there is a forest area, just at the entrance. P4 were out on a sunny autumn morning in October and here are some of the things they got up to. 

🍂🪵🌲🦔Fun in the forest. Click to watch 🦔🌲🪵🍂

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Our WAU topic in Term 1A is Autumn. We will be learning about what happens during this season eg. leaves are changing colour and farmers are busy harvesting crops. We will look at the two types of trees - deciduous and evergreen. We will try to identify trees from the shapes of their leaves and their fruit. 

                                   🍁🍂ABERCORN AUTUMN WATCH🍂🍁

The class will be observing the changes to the trees in our school grounds. We will look at oak, ash, sweet chestnut 🌳  and evergreen trees🌲 There is so much to see and do outside. 

We have been learning about the parts of a tree.

Golden Time and Autumn Activity Based Learning

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Poets in P4


Everyone brought an apple to school for literacy. We talked about the apples, rubbed them to make them shiny, had a feel, smell and, best of all, a bite into our apples.  After this, we used an apple outline to write our own shape poems. Our brand new poetry word in P4 is ALLITERATION and lots of people were able to include this somewhere in their poem.  What do you think of our finished work? 

WAU/Art: Van Gogh's Sunflowers

Van Gogh painted his famous sunflowers when his friend was coming to stay because he wanted to make his home look more welcoming.  We looked at real sunflowers and drew our own in the style of Van Gogh.  Our finished sunflower pictures are displayed at the entrance to our classrooom to make it feel more welcoming.  Everyone who comes to our room feels welcome. 

School in the Past

Abercorn Primary School was opened on Thursday 18th August 1932 by His Grace The Duke of Abercorn. That means that our school has a big birthday coming up next year. smiley

You will see below pictures of the school being built and of the four previous principals of the school.

The children have been learning all about the history of our school. We have been talking about all of the differences between how the children learned then, compared to how we learn now.

Over the next few weeks the children will be asked to gather information from friends and family about their own experiences in school.

We went outside to observe the building and to draw sketches of the school.

Look at our lovely School in the Past display.

We have been learning about school in the past by researching, drama, having a go at copy book handwriting, sewing and playing older games like ‘Donkey’ and ‘Snakes and Ladders’. We even drew ourselves as children from the past and cut out clothes from fabric to fit. 


Another favourite activity is skipping in the playground with our very long rope! We have been trying to see if the whole class can jump at the same time! 

Chinese New Year

This term we have been learning all about the Chinese New Year. We looked at maps and found out where China is in the world. We researched facts about China and about how the Chinese people celebrate their New Year. This year will be the Year of the Tiger. We are planning to have our own celebrations in our classroom.

We loved dressing up for Chinese New Year.

Chinese children get lucky money envelopes for the New Year. We tried different solutions to see which made our pennies the shiniest. The winner was salt and vinegar! We put our shiny pennies into lucky money envelopes to take home with us. 

We followed instructions to draw panda bears. 

We had to plan a Chinese party for four people. We were given £5.00 to spend. We had to decide what we would like to buy for our party. 

We had some Chinese food to eat. We tried to eat noodles with chopsticks. It was great fun. We also tried prawn crackers and fortune cookies. 

Go Gold Day

We enjoyed wearing something yellow to school to support Children's Cancer Month.

        🏆P4ND Mathletics Champions🏆     

In P4 we are developing a positive growth mind set



School Uniform Maths

We had to solve a problem to decide if it was more expensive to buy a school uniform for a boy or a girl. We had a price sheet that gave us the price of each item. We worked together to draw the items of clothing on our pupils and we recorded our calculations in a table.

😀Bored and need something new and fun to do? 😀
Look online at Art Hub for Kids (You Tube)

You will be shown step by step how to draw lots of fun things.
Get your pencils, felt tips and some drawing paper handy.  

Have fun! 

Something to keep you busy

 Shared Education 

We loved our visit from Scientific Sue. We made dragons with our buddies and found the point of balance.