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Year 7 - Mr Humes

Welcome to Year 7 - Mr Humes



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Pupil of the Week for December


Picture 1 Week 2: Calum
Picture 2 Week 1: Alexandra

Spaghetti Challenge

Year 7H pupils were asked to use their knowledge of shapes that make strong structures and create a design that could hold a Cadbury's Cream Egg (roughly 50g) or more. They worked in groups of 2/3 and were given 8 marshmallows and 20 pieces of dried spaghetti. The groups had to sketch out some ideas before attempting to put plans into action. There ensued good co-operation and no lack of ingenuity. This was an enjoyable activity and one in which pupils could eat their construction materials if they chose to do so at the end!!

Spaghetti Challenge

World Around Us: Bridges

Year7H pupils were given a challenge to create a bridge out of three pieces of A4 paper that would hold a weight of 1kg or more. Their bridge span had to be a minimum of 15cm and apart from two books they were not allowed any additional materials. Some pupils had clearly remembered how triangular shapes are often used in structures and this resulted in some very effective designs. Photos of  successful designs are included below.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6


Year 7 pupils recently took part in a workshop session with a charity group called Hope4Life.The session dealt with issues that the pupils may encounter now or in their teenage years. It was designed to  increase the awareness of issues that affect their mental and physical well being and to give them some skills and strategies to deal with potentially difficult situations. The programme is taught through the Uberheroes comic format and has proved very successful in an ever increasing number of schools.


UberHeroes 1
UberHeroes 2
UberHeroes 3
UberHeroes 4
UberHeroes 5
UberHeroes 6
UberHeroes 7
UberHeroes 8


Today, Thursday 25th, saw many pupils dress up in a wide variety of costumes, attend a disco and take part in a Pumpkin Carving competition. Both costumes and carving designs were extremely creative. Check out the 7H photos  and slideshow below

Hallowe'en Costumes

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving 1
Pumpkin Carving 2
Pumpkin Carving 3
Pumpkin Carving 4
Pumpkin Carving 5
Pumpkin Carving 6
Pumpkin Carving 7
Pumpkin Carving 8
Pumpkin Carving 9
Pumpkin Carving 10
Pumpkin Carving 11
Pumpkin Carving 12
Pumpkin Carving 13
Pumpkin Carving 14
Pumpkin Carving 15

Year 7H pupils on the Sustrans Walk

 Year 7H  pupils on the Sustrans Walk 1
 Year 7H  pupils on the Sustrans Walk 2
 Year 7H  pupils on the Sustrans Walk 3
 Year 7H  pupils on the Sustrans Walk 4
 Year 7H  pupils on the Sustrans Walk 5
 Year 7H  pupils on the Sustrans Walk 6
 Year 7H  pupils on the Sustrans Walk 7
 Year 7H  pupils on the Sustrans Walk 8
 Year 7H  pupils on the Sustrans Walk 9
 Year 7H  pupils on the Sustrans Walk 10
 Year 7H  pupils on the Sustrans Walk 11
 Year 7H  pupils on the Sustrans Walk 12

World Around Us

Year 7H pupils have been studying bridges as part of their W.A.U. topic.  Their most recent task was to work in groups and try to decide the best location for a new bridge. They had to identify advantages and disadvantages of each site and consider things like environmental factors, convenience, factors that could increase cost and the overall impact on the inhabitants of Cantilever City. They quickly established that no option was without drawbacks and that a degree of compromise was needed before making a final decision.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

Biography Posters

Last week Year 7H pupils completed their Biography Posters and then carried out some peer assessment on the finished products. The children worked in groups of 3/4, decided upon their topic and then carried out research at home and in school. They were asked to present their information in a bright, colourful and interesting format. They worked very well together and produced pieces that fully met the success criteria. They were then asked to positively  comment on the work of others and make constructive suggestions on how improvements could be made.

Biography posters

      Picasso Art


Year 7H pupils have produced some excellent Picasso pictures recently with oil pastels. Check out our gallery below.

More to follow soon.



Picasso Artwork

Picasso Artwork 1
Picasso Artwork 2
Picasso Artwork 3
Picasso Artwork 4
Picasso Artwork 5
Picasso Artwork 6
Picasso Artwork 7

Freeze Frame

 Year 7H pupils have been doing some Drama activities through their Talking and Listening work. They worked in small groups and had a choose a scenario for a freeze frame image. They were given three key words to think about whilst carrying out the task ( Concentration, Co-operation and Communication) and had to plan their freeze frames very carefully. The pupils really enjoyed the task and watching other groups perform their scenarios. The final task saw all groups interpret the same scene and it was fantastic to see very different outcomes and use of imagination.

Can you guess some of these scenarios from their freeze frames?

Freeze Frames

Freeze Frames 1
Freeze Frames 2
Freeze Frames 3
Freeze Frames 4
Freeze Frames 5
Freeze Frames 6
Freeze Frames 7
Freeze Frames 8
Freeze Frames 9
Freeze Frames 10
Freeze Frames 11
Freeze Frames 12
Freeze Frames 13
Freeze Frames 14
Freeze Frames 15