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Year 7 - Mr Humes

 On the week beginning 5th February our Year 5-7 pupils took part in a Community Sports Fun Week organised through the Northern Ireland Christian Sports Ministeries. The pupils were able to try different sports during the week and even received some coaching tips from renowned Marathon runner Laura Graham. The children really enjoyed the variety of sports and trying new things for the first time.  Alfie and Scott from 7H very skilfully represented Year 7 boys at the Night of Champions evening at Banbridge H.S.  which rounded off the whole week. Here are some pictures of 7H pupils in action.

Community Fitness Week

Community Fitness Week 1
Community Fitness Week 2
Community Fitness Week 3
Community Fitness Week 4
Community Fitness Week 5
Community Fitness Week 6
Community Fitness Week 7
Community Fitness Week 8
Community Fitness Week 9
Community Fitness Week 10
Community Fitness Week 11
Community Fitness Week 12
Community Fitness Week 13
Community Fitness Week 14
Community Fitness Week 15
Community Fitness Week 16
Community Fitness Week 17
Community Fitness Week 18
Community Fitness Week 19
Community Fitness Week 20
Community Fitness Week 21
Community Fitness Week 22
Community Fitness Week 23
Community Fitness Week 24
Community Fitness Week 25
Community Fitness Week 26
Primary 7H had lots of well deserved fun on their last day of term before the Christmas holidays. Everyone is looking forward to the break and a wonderful Christmas. 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Last day of Term

Last day of Term 1
Last day of Term 2
Last day of Term 3
Last day of Term 4
Last day of Term 5
Last day of Term 6
Last day of Term 7
Last day of Term 8
Last day of Term 9

Anti Bullying T- Shirt design

Anti Bullying Week

The week beginning Monday 13th November saw lots of activities taking place throughout the school based on the theme of Anti- Bullying and the P7H pupils were very much involved in raising the awareness of Bullying. The children discussed the different types of Bullying, the impact it can have on others and ways in which we can deal with Bullying. They were asked to make choices on how they would react in different scenarios. They worked in pairs to plan and create a comic strip format outlining a bullying incident and then did some role play based on the comic strips.The pupils also designed some colourful and imaginative Anti- Bullying slogans for T-shirts. You can view a sample of  some of their great work.

Year 7H have produced some fantastic pieces of Art using Picasso as their stimulus.

 Here are some examples

Picasso Art

Picasso Art 1
Picasso Art 2
Picasso Art 3
Picasso Art 4
Picasso Art 5
Picasso Art 6
Picasso Art 7
Picasso Art 8
Picasso Art 9
Picasso Art 10
Picasso Art 11

 Our main Literacy focus of Talking and Listening has continued on from last year. During the current academic year we will be placing more emphasis on the Drama aspect of Talking and Listening. The pupils were split into groups and chose a different scenario to create a Freeze Frame. They had to concentrate, co-operate and communicate to plan this task.

The feedback from the children was very positive and their freeze frames were really imaginative.


Freeze Frame Drama

Freeze Frame Drama 1
Freeze Frame Drama 2
Freeze Frame Drama 3
Freeze Frame Drama 4
Freeze Frame Drama 5
Freeze Frame Drama 6
Freeze Frame Drama 7

Welcome to Year 7 - Mr Humes



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