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Year 4 - Nixon/Davidson

What an amazing VE Day Tea Party!

Thank you to all who came on Friday.  It was a super afternoon where the P4 children showcased just how much they have enjoyed our World War 2 topic this term.  Through drama, art, craft, music and dance, the children brought to life some of the issues which were part of life for children during World War 2- including a guest performance by Dame Vera Lynn.
Here are a few photos for you to enjoy.  Also, check out the local papers for more coverage of the tea party. 



Oh no! The war has started and we have to be evacuated!



Good news! The war is over!



...and what about a dab?


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

What a way to end our WW2 topic!
On Friday 2nd June, the P4 children were literally Up, Up and Away!

Thanks to The Ulster Aviation Society, we were able to see a Spitfireand even sit in the pilot's seat.  

Have a look at the photos below and you will recognise some amazing pilots! 

The P4 teachers are amazed and delighted to have so many wonderful Anderson Shelter models brought into school by the P4 children.  
Well done to everyone (and especially the Mums and Dads!)

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24
Picture 25

Welcome to Year 4ND!


Everyone has now settled in well to Year 4. 
Our first topic was 
We learned all about what happens during this season of the year. We have done lots of lovely autumn art work. We learned all about the different types of trees and their leaves and fruit. We went  for an autumn walk and looked for signs of autumn - you can see some of our photographs below.
Our next topic was 
School in the Past. We were  learning all about what school was like when our grandparents were young. We had a special visitor in school to talk to us about what it was like at Abercorn Primary School when he was a boy. We asked lots of questions to find out information and made projects to present to the class. We enjoyed celebrating a very special time of the year!


Our next topic was Chinese New Year. We were learning all about the country of China and how the Chinese people celebrate at this time of the year. We even dressed up and tried eating some Chinese food. We were reading traditional Chinese stories and making some lovely Chinese dragons.


Our last topic was Weather. We were learning all about weather maps, symbols and instruments. We even had a go at pretending to be weather forecasters.

Our new topic will be World War Two. We will be learning about what happened in Northern Ireland during the blitz. We will also be finding out about what happened to the boys and girls when they were evacuated. We hope to have a trip out of school to visit a war museum in Ballyclare. We will also be creating some lovely war art work. 

Picture 1 Next day we will add some buildings.
Picture 2 We looked at examples of Blitz Art on the internet
Picture 3 We had to plan our background before we started.
Picture 4 Painting was great fun.
Picture 5 We used orange, red, yellow, white and black paint
Picture 6 We started painting our Blitz Art pictures
Picture 7 We enjoyed painting on no pens day.
Picture 8 The unicorn helped us to make up a class story.
Picture 9 It was hard to eat the noodles.
Picture 10 We loved the fortune cookies.
Picture 11 Each cookie had a little message inside.
Picture 12 We liked the Chinese food.
Picture 13 The chopsticks were fun!
Picture 14 We enjoyed the prawn crackers.
Picture 15 Break was a bit different today!
Picture 16 We all had a try with the chopsticks.
Picture 17 Happy faces!
Picture 18 We had great fun.
Picture 19 We enjoyed our science experiment.
Picture 20 We had to see which liquid made our pennies clean.
Picture 21 We tried water, coke, sauce and vinegar.
Picture 22 We worked in groups to do a science experiment.
Picture 23 Our costumes were fantastic.
Picture 24 We decorated our hats.
Picture 25 We made Chinese hats.
Picture 26 We dressed up for the day.
Picture 27 We really enjoyed this task.
Picture 28 We planned great parties.
Picture 29 We had to work out any change.
Picture 30 We had to count up the total money spent.
Picture 31 Prawn crackers or balloons?
Picture 32 Party invitations or hats?
Picture 33 Would we buy fireworks or fortune cookies?
Picture 34 We only had £5.00 to spend.
Picture 35 We had to decide what we would buy.
Picture 36 We worked with a partner to plan a Chinese party.
Picture 37 We had to follow instructions to make a snowflake.
Picture 38 We had to look for information on a website.
Picture 39 We made beautiful water cycle plates.
Picture 40 We drew rainbows and added a paint wash.
Picture 41 On no pens day we were weather forecasters
Picture 42 We had a lovely visit from Archie the lamb.
Picture 43 The boys loved the war vehicles.
Picture 44 We enjoyed sitting in the jeep.
Picture 45 We sat on the anti-aircraft gun.
Picture 46 We were allowed inside the tanks.
Picture 47 We tried on the uniforms.
Picture 48 Standing to attention.
Picture 49 It was a problem solving task about scarecrows.
Picture 50 We were given a maths task.
Picture 51 We had to work with a partner.
Picture 52 We were given a budget to spend.
Picture 53 We had to choose what our scarecrow would wear.
Picture 54 Each item had a price.
Picture 55 We had to count up how much money we had spent.
Picture 56 Once we had a total we had to calculate change.
Picture 57 We had to draw our scarecrow.
Picture 58 We enjoyed working together.
Picture 59 Our scarecrows looked fantastic.
Picture 60 The autumn leaves were beautiful colours.
Picture 61 We walked through the leaves to hear the sound.
Picture 62 We saw a bird box in the tree.
Picture 63 We lay down under the tree and looked up.
Picture 64 We had to find the Oak tree to do our bark rubbing
Picture 65 We enjoyed doing bark rubbings.
Picture 66 We had to record our observations.
Picture 67 We went to Solitude Park on a beautiful autumn day
Picture 68 We all had a great time!
Picture 69 We listened to some Christmas music.
Picture 70 We all brought party food to share.
Picture 71 Our Christmas party!
Picture 72 Look at our lovely Chinese costumes.
Picture 73 We tried to eat with chopsticks.