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Learning and Working Together “The quality of education provided by this school is outstanding” January 2014 ETI


Year 4 - Mrs Wakeling


 As part of our Chinese New Year topic, P4W have been learning a lot about the Chinese culture. Yvonne called in to school to teach us about Chinese currency (Renminbi) and how to write Chinese. We read about The Willow Pattern and the story it portrays. To end our topic we dressed in traditional Chinese clothing and tasted lots of Chinese foods.


As part of our Autumn topic, P4W have been painting sunflowers. First we looked at sunflowers to see the details of the flowers, then we practised drawing them on our whiteboards. Next we drew them on our paper. Last of all we painted our sunflowers using autumn colours.
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 On Tuesday 10th October, P4W went for an Autumn Walk through Solitude Park.