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Year 2 - Mrs Speers

smileyWelcome to Year 2 - Mrs Speerssmiley


Come and visit our class page to check out the different things we do in Year 2. We are always very busy learning lots of new things.


Introducing the class of 2017



   Our topic this month has been Holidays. We have talked about the places we go on holidays and how we get there. We enjoyed making sea creatures with the dough and booking holidays in the travel Agents.






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Our new topic is Space

We have a space ship were we journey to space and make a space log of all the things we see in space. We are making rockets at the craft table and we are finding out lots of facts about space. Did you know that there are eight planets?


The boys made some super space vehicles with the Space Lego. We have some budding astronauts in the class!

Picture 1

Hollie created a super space picture at the craft table. She made a rocket to blast off into space and on the computer created an alien that can be found on her planet.

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