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Abercorn Primary School

Learning and Working Together “The quality of education provided by this school is outstanding” January 2014 ETI


Our topic in term 1B is Space

We were building space capsules and moon buggies with interstar lego.  
In our small world we flew rockets to the moon's surface.
We made aliens from dough.
We pretended to be astronauts in our space station.

This topic is called 'Wonderful Me'. We have been thinking and talking about ourselves in school.

During Play Based Learning we have been creating houses and buildings, completing jigsaw puzzles, being imaginative, playing games with our friends and using an ICT Programme to design a bedroom.
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The Imaginative Role Play Area was turned into a house. Children choose different roles to be and had fun with the different resources. During Creative Play, everyone was drawing themselves and then painting trees when we starting thinking about Autumn time.
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